Home of the Bengal in New Zealand





Our queens and kittens are kept and raised in the house with us at all times, they have their own room with climbing posts, toys and a cat wheel to exercise on.

We make sure our kittens are extremely well socialised and are raised on a high quality raw diet with supplements and fed premium grain free kitten biscuits.

As we have Shih Tzu our kittens are dog friendly and have learnt basic skills in politeness with the dogs. Although if you have a dog it pays to supervise your new kitten with the family dog until you are confident they will repect each other.

We offer full time assistance for the life of your Celerity baby and are only a phone call away if you need help with any problem you encounter.

Your new kitten will come to you with the following:

Two Vet Checks

Two Vaccines



Flea and Worm Free

Health Guarantee

6 Weeks Complimentary Health Insurance

NZ Cat Fancy registration/4 generation pedigree

Litter Box Trained

A complimentary kitten pack which will include, biscuits, toys, blanket, flea and worm treatment and a gift voucher from Premium Petware.

We can organise crates and air travel to anywhere in New Zealand but we will only send your kitten on a direct flight.


Pet/Show: $995.00

Breeder/Show: POA 

We like to keep the price of our pet/companion bengals affordable so we don't have varied prices for our kittens. We feel the price we set on our kittens are realistic which covers our costs. If you are wanting a show kitten please discuss this with me as not all kittens are suitable for the show bench for various reasons.