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Welcome to our Nursery 



Litter born 21 April 2016

NZ Ch Tijah Andali (Imp Aust) x  Celerity More Than U Bargind For

Will be ready for their new homes 17 July 2016


Blue Boy 


              Blue boy. Beautiful baby with fabulous donut rosettes. (On Hold) Pic taken 2 weeks

Blue Boy Pic taken 3 weeks 


Red Boy 

Red Boy. Gorgeous open donut rosettes, will be similar to his Sire Andali. (Available) Pic taken 2 weeks

Red Boy Pic taken 3 weeks


Yellow Boy 

Yellow Boy. Similar to Red Boy with beautiful donut rosetting. (Available) Pic taken 2 weeks


Yellow Boy Pic taken 3 weeks 


Pink Girl 

Pink Girl. Beautiful Kitten, again with beautiful rosettes (On Hold) Pic taken 2 weeks


Pink Girl Pic taken 3 weeks 

NZ Champion Tijah Andali (Imp Aust) x Celerity Dreams Do Come True

Litter Due May 2016